Life Is speakEASY

If survival comes to those most adaptable to change,

INVINCIBLE is for those who want more out of life than survival.

INVINCIBLE (definition) – An everlasting TRUST in oneself to be able to move through any situation, any time, any place, with rock-solid CONFIDENCE that you will emerge on the other side – not just in tact – but better.


Amy has lived a life of adventure, but that wasn’t really the original intention…

Her path to INVINCIBILITY began at the doorstep of adulthood. Like so many, she was lost. After multiple, miserable attempts at academia, brushes with death, and a refusal by the military as a means of escape, she was welcomed with open arms by the chaos of oblivion, of nowhere-land.

So, she found a landscape seemingly absent of the chaos she felt inside. She embarked on a life in the high desert mesa of New Mexico, where she lived and worked off grid for over a decade.

Over time, in the vastness of calm in the desert, she discovered there is no escape from feelings of refusal when the focus is following society’s directive.

The golden directive emanates from within. But first, she had to conquer that question mark, that nothingness, that oblivion…none of which was ever a part of her original intention.

Whether living in her SUV, “Godzilla”, a solar home on the side of a mountain, a cabin alongside the Carson National Forest, or a 3-story castle constructed primarily of cans, she led herself on a quest for escape, which she didn’t realize at the time; these quests turned out to be adventure, which wasn’t specifically intended. It was just the activity sheet handed to her while attending oblivion school. She took it. She rocked it. But it was never enough to graduate from oblivion.


Now, present day, looking into a past of giving away or selling everything she owned (more than once), a time of living on food stamps, of rebounding in style and throwing historic parties, of hand-mixing over 1,000 loads of concrete and adobe mud for sustainable, off-grid construction, of being refused by death again, and – her most esteemed accomplishment – raising an amazing son all the way to an empty nest, she is ready to share a bit of perspective on oblivion, and so much more.

“I identified my kryptonite at about age 12. Suffering. Silent suffering, or not-so-silent suffering. If I sensed distress in another person, I would swoop in and do anything humanly possible to relieve their despair. I was moved by suffering because I had suffered. I felt certain the removal of suffering for another would lead me out of my own oblivion.

As the years passed, I learned how to conquer oblivion.

I began by studying obstacles, then navigating the terrain that creates obstacles; this terrain is called attachment. Then followed the removal of obstacles, after which followed mastery of awareness of attachment.

Then I cracked the code that helped me graduate from oblivion; this code is called intention.

And my intention is positivity. I’ll say it again. Positivity.

True positivity, I found, required a full-scale banishment of negativity.

And then, when I no longer obsessed about oblivion…

I was able to recognize the source; the birthplace of oblivion:

Rabbit Holes; long, fruitless diversions for every creature who is not a rabbit.

And then I knew I had the antidote for oblivion; one word that encapsulates all the intentions of positivity in the universe:


 Rabbit holes lead to oblivion. 

To be INVINCIBLE you must disregard rabbit holes.

To disregard rabbit holes, you must learn the word EASY, and leave the word HARD with the word OBSTACLE in the ditch alongside your path.

I will help you do all of this…

I will help you see that you are INVINCIBLE.”

-Amy Lay


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