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You are welcome to a free 30-minute consultation with me.

We can do this over tea, coffee, a cocktail, the phone, Skype…an environment that works for you.

My reach is global.  I connect with every client in an unrepeatable manner, therefore I craft a unique program for every client or team experience.

My therapeutic style is extraordinary and non-traditional.  I am a voracious researcher and am blissfully fond of all things science, but I am not here to discuss data with you. Statistical data is better expressed by those that spend their time publishing papers. I deal in first-hand results, today, because I believe every humanoid on this planet has the propensity to change inside the course of one breath.

This truth nullifies yesterday’s data.

I also believe in the phases of the moon and I challenge you to show me a more chill human primate than the surfer.

I embrace all religions and spiritual manifestations.

You’re just a wild thing, like me. You have a drive to thrive, an innate pathway that leads to your cunning, and you may have briefly lost the trail head.

If you find yourself at your wits end…sick and tired of running up against the same grief, then you have a mighty, hulking thorn in your paw that is making you miserable. If you cannot extract that thorn yourself, all you have to do is ask…

Let me make you INVINCIBLE.

It’s EASY.

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