Understand your past.

Reframe your present.

Claim your future.

It’s Easy.

Meet Amy Lay, The INVINCIBILITY Coach.

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The most excellent compliment I have ever received was given to me by a Russian marine biologist. He told me I reminded him of Harvey Keitel’s character, Winston Wolfe, in Pulp Fiction.

Because, he said, “You solve problems.”

I have been in pursuit of personal invincibility since age 7 when my father died in the midst of a family vacation in South Dakota.

Some time later I found his Doc Savage books, the first of which was published in 1933. These books, about the pursuit and mastery of knowledge and adventure, served to inspire the life I have come to live and love.

My mission is to get you to think less about how difficult your life is, and more about that thing inside you that makes you tick. That passion or feeling that if nothing were standing in your way, you would do it. I call that thing your “EASY”.

If you are alive, you are INVINCIBLE. Consider your accomplishments, what you’ve already been through. Believe it.

I can get you closer to your EASY and farther away from obstacles and difficulty.


Concentrated Heart

“There is no currency on Earth that could pay for Amy’s concentrated Heart, Mind, and Soul. She is a true Gem of clear minded wisdom; a gift.”

– Johnny Fay, Drummer, The Tragically Hip

A Necessary Resource

Tracy Martin Taylor“Amy’s ability to get to the root of a challenge is impressive. Even the most self-aware will realize that there are new doors they can open. She’s inspiring while being no-nonsense, motivating yet still grounded and overall a necessary resource for my business.

“Sometimes I just need a tweak or a new perspective on something that’s not working for me. Sometimes it’s identifying an area in my life that’s stagnant or an opportunity to grow. It isn’t always about solving a problem or overcoming a specific challenge, it’s about having the vision to see a whole new path that wasn’t even on my radar.”

– Tracy Martin Taylor, Principal, Eleven11 Design, Dallas, TX

Elevating Ideas

Kristen“Amy Lay is an Athenian warrior living in the 21st century; strong in body, mind, and spirit.  Thankfully for us, she has chosen to use her powers to help others reach their highest potential.  Spending time with her never fails to elevate my ideas, dreams, and confidence.”

– Kirsten Jacobsen, Global Authority on Sustainable Design & Construction, Taos, NM

Revolutionary Change

Candace headshot“Working with Amy has been a personal transformation. Beyond words. It’s a silent evolution that becomes a revolutionary change. A little more every day, every week and six months later I now see exponential growth.”

– Candace O’Bryan, Professional Photographer and Instructional Designer, San Rafael, CA

Coaching for Individuals and Teams


Amy in white against brick wallINVINCIBILITY is a measure of how fast you can access your confidence. 

Confidence is a measure of your quality of life.  It’s as EASY as you dare make it. Let us now dare. 

Using the platform of your choice (phone, video, etc.): YOU, your GROUP, or your BUSINESS will experience a fresh understanding of the past, a reframing of the present, and the development of new tools to embrace the future.

INVINCIBILITY is a mindset. Invincible is EASY.