Understand your past.

Reframe your present.

Claim your future.

It’s Easy.

About Amy

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I was born in Texas, but I grew up in New Mexico. Ultimately, that is where my heart is. For the time being I live in Austin, but I am quickly outgrowing the place. I’m looking into Mars.

I have a relentless passion for life, for adventure, and research; probably from reading Doc Savage as a kid.

I have held over 30 different jobs, had 12 cars, 33 roommates, moved no less than 28 times, played over 900 hours of pool (all inside my first semester in college), faced certain death twice, three times if you include the time I jumped an exit ramp – all 4 tires off the ground – en route to see Frank Sinatra, lived and worked off-grid for over a decade in the high desert mesa of northern New Mexico, mixed over 1,000 loads of concrete and adobe mud by hand, been honored with a climbing route named for me in the Manzano Mountains, supported 30+ biologists and their labs in pursuit of research goals, assisted one of the most legendary university presidents of all time, mentored loads of ambitious high school and college students in pursuit of their worldly dreams, and reinvented myself 18,885 times…and counting.

I love art, architecture, wild animals and the places they live, ancient ruins and the trees that have seen them through. I love soccer, the racing culture of Formula 1 and cycling, and hockey. I am a voracious researcher of myriad subjects. I play golf.

Why Mars? Because Mars represents the loftiest actionable goal our species has put forth. All of our individual goals in this moment exist between today and Mars.

My goal is to get you away from thinking about your life as being hard.

“Hard work” is a catch-all concept that stands between the you of NOW and the you that you want to be.

There are things you will do to get where you want to be. Tasks are tasks. Words are words. Get past the notion of so much difficulty and strife.

Get cheeky with your goals. You’re in charge, after all. Call it all “EASY” and just get on with it. “Hard” is tired.


Concentrated Heart

“There is no currency on Earth that could pay for Amy’s concentrated Heart, Mind, and Soul. She is a true Gem of clear minded wisdom; a gift.”

– Johnny Fay, Drummer, The Tragically Hip

A Necessary Resource

Tracy Martin Taylor“Amy’s ability to get to the root of a challenge is impressive. Even the most self-aware will realize that there are new doors they can open. She’s inspiring while being no-nonsense, motivating yet still grounded and overall a necessary resource for my business.

“Sometimes I just need a tweak or a new perspective on something that’s not working for me. Sometimes it’s identifying an area in my life that’s stagnant or an opportunity to grow. It isn’t always about solving a problem or overcoming a specific challenge, it’s about having the vision to see a whole new path that wasn’t even on my radar.”

– Tracy Martin Taylor, Principal, Eleven11 Design, Dallas, TX

Elevating Ideas

Kristen“Amy Lay is an Athenian warrior living in the 21st century; strong in body, mind, and spirit.  Thankfully for us, she has chosen to use her powers to help others reach their highest potential.  Spending time with her never fails to elevate my ideas, dreams, and confidence.”

– Kirsten Jacobsen, Global Authority on Sustainable Design & Construction, Taos, NM

Revolutionary Change

Candace headshot“Working with Amy has been a personal transformation. Beyond words. It’s a silent evolution that becomes a revolutionary change. A little more every day, every week and six months later I now see exponential growth.”

– Candace O’Bryan, Professional Photographer and Instructional Designer, San Rafael, CA

Public Speaking


 Amy in white against brick wallEverything you do in life; personal, professional, or spiritual, plays a part in your mental game. You can choose to call whatever it is you do in life “hard” or “easy”.

It’s a choice. It’s your choice and it doesn’t necessarily change what needs to take place in order to achieve a goal. Stop focusing on the difficulty and start focusing on the task. The concept of “hard work” keeps a lot of people in a stagnant state, even promoting analysis paralysis. Stare that task in the face, call it “easy”, and get on with it.

To be INVINCIBLE is to allow yourself to be confident, no matter what faces you; physical, mental, emotional. 100%. All the time.

INVINCIBLE is not a shield, but a state of mind, and infinitely more powerful because you are NOT impenetrable. You will be penetrated by both the fairness and fury of life and you will prevail. This is invincible.

Amy speaks to audiences large and small; audiences filled with individuals that desire to experience immediate change in their performance potential now because game day is TODAY. Game day is always today.

Amy uses uniquely familiar scenarios as examples for each audience. She offers new ways of looking at those scenarios, clearly defining the zone where performance can best be maximized, while minimizing the stagnating effect that distractions and rabbit holes have on our lives.

Stand up. Open yourself to change. Get ready to feel the freedom of seamless confidence.

INVINCIBLE is a mindset. INVINCIBLE is easy.


Private Coaching


 Amy in the treeYou are hereby released from every commitment you have made to other people, places, or things. Poof!

You are free.

Now, take a look at each one of those commitments you are freed from and ask yourself whether you originally made those commitments for you or for them. There is a profound difference and “both” is not the answer.

Private Coaching with Amy is about creating and expanding your playing field. You are giving your energy away based on past actions, and it is exhausting you. Your past is exhausted, and you can choose to call whatever it is you do from now on “hard” or “easy”.

It’s a choice. It’s your choice and it doesn’t necessarily change what needs to take place in order to achieve a goal. Stop focusing on the difficulty and start focusing on the task. “Hard” keeps a lot of people in a stagnant state. Get cheeky with your attitude about your life. Call it “easy” and just mow through the next task.

Your energy is for YOU. Others may benefit by your energy expenditures, your commitments to yourself, but those expenditures are for YOU.

INVINCIBLE is a mindset. INVINCIBLE is easy.


My Invincibility

No one is invincible on their own. A key strength is knowing where you can find help when you need it. Here are a few of the people that keep things easy for me. 

Jessie O'Brien

Jesse O’Brien
Owner of Central Athlete in Austin
Individual Design / Personalized Fitness

I’ve been working with Jesse for about a year and a half. In the beginning, he asked me to articulate my fitness goals. I said, “I want to be invincible.” This was the first time I said the word relative to me. I knew this was the beginning of something.

Jesse follows everything relative to my health; my workouts, nutrition, fluid intake, bloodwork, sleep, and sunlight. He is a research-head, like me.

Jesse is a critical component of my INVINCIBILITY.

Paulo ‘Coelho’ Brandão

Paulo ‘Coelho’ Brandão
6th Degree Black Belt
1996 World Champion, World Jiu-Jitsu Championship.
Gracie Humaita Academy in Austin

I had the incredible privilege to work with Paulo at his Academy in Austin for about a year. I did not train Jiu-Jitsu. I helped out a bit more behind the scenes. I had the opportunity to observe practitioners of this martial art day in and day out, watching sustained dedication and perseverance through victory as well as injury.

I also got to witness the depth of Paulo’s passion and commitment to Jiu-Jitsu. It was in this friendship with Paulo that I discovered the secret to his success. His passion and commitment is for himself, keeping his center solid. Then, from the center of Paulo, he brings greatness to the world around him. He does this every day of his life.

Paulo helps me remember my own INVINCIBILITY.

Jason “J” Molin
Director, Digital Communications
UT Austin’s Division of Diversity and Community Engagement

I would quite honestly be lost without J. He is Quartermaster Extraordinaire and he truly understands the paradox that is me. J helps me as I navigate this project, this quest to help the planet know and trust its own INVINCIBILITY.

This is no small quest and J knows it. He’s a big part of the “easy” in my INVINCIBILITY.

Nico Loayza

Nico Loayza
Partner | Studio Manager | Photographer

Being photographed has been somewhat foreign to me in my life. I don’t even participate much in social media so my comfort level was low. Nico has nudged me along on my path to INVINCIBILITY. There is a truth that comes out in photographs. The process can be humbling and revealing. I am so grateful for Nico and his talent. He has a gift for glamorizing a person’s soul.



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Wolf in the snow I support the education, preservation, and responsible reintegration of the wolf back into suitable landscapes. I also support hunting.

Wolves teach us about ourselves through their cunning and ability to disrupt, qualities we share. Wolves also evoke frustration and fear when we feel we cannot control their natural state of being; that they somehow spoil our many agendas.

I believe this fear has evolved into a fear of ourselves; what we are capable of and how we’ve forgotten the ways of honorably wielding our power. And we see our frustration play out when unable to control the natural state of our fellow humans.

Stop being afraid. Pay attention to your inner truth, your inner territory, and all else will align to make more sense.

I am pleased to donate a portion of proceeds from Life Is speakEASY to the following organization:

Invincible begins now. It’s not difficult, it’s just different than the way you’ve been living. It’s easy.