It is upon us. The season some look forward to all year long. The season some loathe with every fiber of their being. The season some feel an ever-changing intensity of both longing and loathing throughout.

Welcome to the Holiday Hall of Mirrors.

I wonder, have you ever really walked into a hall of mirrors? Do you know what they look like inside? If you ever get the chance, I recommend it. It’s truly weird. Wall to wall mirrors, and even some on the ceiling. Whatever angle you view yourself you have only to shift yourself ever so slightly and your image morphs into something altogether different. You’ll see yourself stretched every which way and never will you see yourself in a form that you would consider desirable unless you have a healthy sense of humor.

Aha! The sense of humor. There is a distinct relationship between the ability to laugh at yourself with complete honesty and your ability to overcome adversity. Halls of Mirrors refuse to allow you to take yourself too seriously.

What’s happening?

Do you get that this is how the holidays are? There are angles at which we view ourselves that are insanely overblown. And then we walk a few paces along the glistening, tinsel-tipped forest of festivities and suddenly we feel like the life and love has been squeezed out of us. We are a thin sliver of humanity, wondering why our life isn’t the way we thought it would be, or as perfect as “so and so”. We know somewhere deep in our minds that we’re ok but the overwhelming message – and everywhere we look – we’re distorted. Our thoughts won’t leave us alone with the endless chatter. And now we are on the doorstep of a new year. New goals. New flow. New direction. New commitments. New me. New you.

Make it stop.

Ok. Look outside. Are there leaves on your trees? Is there snow on the ground? Is the plant life a little on the brown side? Winter has a purpose, no matter how far above or below zero it reads on our thermostat. You don’t have to “make it stop.” Winter has a built-in “stop” mechanism.

Of course, nothing really stops. It slows down. You likely had or have a bit of time off during the holiday and this, in and of itself, is a type of slowing down. There is NO CALL TO ACTION in winter. Rather, there is a call for INACTION.




And if you do not know how to do these things, it’s time to learn.

It’s EASY.