From time to time I get overwhelmed. And when I do, I go through a series of minutes, hours, or just a few days when I consciously turn off my emotions. I do this because I learned a long time ago that when you’re off balance it’s the very worst time to lean on your emotions. 

Now, NOT leaning on your emotions is NOT to be confused with NOT paying attention to the way you FEEL.

I know. It’s convoluted. 

For the sake of simplicity, which you know I love, let ‘s just say that when you’re overwhelmed, you are in the midst of a state of information overload. This, to me, says don’t make any decisions that aren’t explicitly related to something in the 911 category. Just c-h-i-l-l.

And in the meantime, you could do what I do. Watch a few hours of surf and/or motocross videos. They are soooooooooooo relaxing.

And the perspective is immense. 

RiskRewardRiskRewardRiskReward. The relationship is immediate.

Talk about simple.

Today’s vibe was surfing. 

Quick review: I don’t surf. I just LOVE surf culture and I use it quite often to inform my bag of tricks as a character coach.

The video that caught my attention today was filmed in Bali, which has no direct bearing on the bit that caught my attention. It was this little line from Bethany Hamilton, who you may know from the 2003 news story of her arm being severed by a tiger shark. 

Anyway, Hamilton was chatting with some younger surfers about barrels. They were asking her if she had any advice on getting through barrels without being crushed by them. 

She said, “Look at the exit”. She went on to say that whenever she concentrated on the end of the barrel she was able to get through it, versus the times she took her eyes off it and bailed. “It’s in the eyes.”

And there it was again! I’ve heard this bit of wisdom being doled out by mountain bikers and skiers. “Where your eyes go, your body follows.” (So don’t get too distracted by those trees)

You know what’s coming. I’m going to suggest we follow this sage advice in life…yep, regular ‘ol life stuff. 

If you don’t WANT to run into trouble, stop looking at it.

If you don’t WANT to be broke, quit looking at what’s making you broke.

If you don’t WANT to keep banging your head up against the same wall, having the same argument with yourself or others, continue viewing yourself as “less than”, please cease LOOKING that way.


LOOK where you WANT to go.

SEE where you WANT to be.

CONCENTRATE on the rose and quit obsessing over the thorns.

It’s your choice.


And you will GO.


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