I rather liked the Mindset equation from last month’s blog. 

So much so that I decided for this month that I’m going to derive an equation for Contentment, using last month’s Mindset equation. 

Sort of makes you want to get right to it, eh? Ready?

Here you go:

Last month’s final equation:

Mindset = Immunity 

Feel free to go back and review.


Deriving the new formula:

Information = Life as we know it 

Uncertainty = The introduction (or birth) of NEW Information 

Attachment = Preoccupation with one or many bits of Information 

Acceptance = Even-tempered review of Uncertainty

Perspective = Detached Acceptance

Contentment = Optimized Mindset



Information + Uncertainty = Attachment

Attachment + Acceptance = Perspective

Acceptance + Perspective = Contentment


Proposed Theorem:

Contentment = Immunity