Hello, Sweet Friends

I’ve missed you! 

I’m just going to dive right in with some updates and visions for the future. Join me!

In the fall of 2020 I moved back to my heart home of New Mexico. I fell in love with the state back in the 90s and even though I truly loved my time in Austin, TX, I felt it was time to go back. 

So, here I am, back in love with the brilliant landscapes and skies of the southwest.

The events of 2020, for me, began when I handed my resignation in to The University of Texas at Austin. I was ready to take my business, The INVINCIBILITY Coach, full time. I did that scary thing that some entrepreneurs do, and I cashed it in. I secured my little pension as “Plan B” and went for it…

…in the same week we all went into lockdown.

My plan was already underway. 

For the fourth time in my life, I gave away and sold just about everything I owned, packed up my SUV, and started anew. I landed back in the Land of Enchantment late last summer, visited a bit with friends and family, and settled into my house in October. Time to build the business.

Plan B became Plan A rather immediately, then Plan B ran out:)

Still, I just KNEW this was the path for me. I KNOW it still.

As I gathered momentum in The Land of Enchantment, I began meeting up with old friends, including a couple who owns an alternative care clinic in Albuquerque [Althera Alternative Care clinic; https://altheraclinic.com/ ]. 

Serving as Health Coach, I assist patients with alternative means for addressing some of the most common wellness woes; sleep, anxiety, pain, and inflammation. The alternatives available to assist patients with dialing down their use of opioids are real. Problematic pharmaceuticals do not have to be a part of one’s beautiful life. My coaching is a great fit for this application.

With my private clients, as The INVINCIBILITY Coach, I approach every one with these 5 Pillars in mind: PHYSICAL, MENTAL, BEHAVIORAL, NUTRITIONAL, and ENVIRONMENTAL.

These are the avenues through which real change happens.

I began collaborating with the clinic and, being the research head I am, I plunged in and began learning all I could about the healing properties of cannabis. This has been a fascinating journey for me. Cannabis is such a mysterious plant. It triggers – in everyone – quite an array of emotions. 

There are those who see it as necessary for their life, those that “tried it and hated it”, those that are curious about it, and those individuals I’m working with who are finding a brand new way of embracing health. I am proud to know as much as I do now about the benefits of – not just CBD – but the whole plant. It’s amazing. And I have so much yet to learn. The take-home story here is that the high is available to you if you want it, but the HEALTH benefit doesn’t have to include the high one bit. 

Do you believe me? If you’re curious and you want to see how this medicine can work for you, just book me for a consultation – no matter what state you live in.



In addition to my role as Health Coach at the clinic, I took on the position as Wellness Coach for The Ivory Bridges Foundation, an educational foundation out of Southern California. I was asked, as The INVINCIBILITY Coach, to join an elite team of professionals to deliver enrichment programs to a small cohort of 4th year university students who will be entering the world as young professionals inside the next year.

We all met in Solvang, CA, in early August so we could get to know one another. I will track the 6 students I’m working with throughout this academic year, addressing the depths of my 5 Pillars with each of them, and I look forward to keeping an eye out on them thereafter!

This opportunity is dear to me because I have an incredible devotion for students of all ages. I love hearing about their goals and dreams, I love guiding them through the complex maze of the multiple levels of academia, and I love witnessing the “aha” moments that naturally arise when a person follows their passion.

Likewise, there are sensational young adults among us who are carving their way in other directions, away from the pipelines and traditions of academia. I love working with these visionaries, too. They are incredibly compelling.

If you know a student – of any age – but most particularly those in the timeline that includes high school through undergraduate and into post-graduate, I’d be excited to work with them. One of the most effective ways to begin this process is by booking a group session. Essentially, this entails setting up a Zoom meeting with all students, all parents, or a mix. Let me know if you or someone you know is interested:



The Fall of 2021 will witness me working on my book, INVINCIBLE is Easy. My editor, Ben Tobin Johnson, whom I met some years ago, wrote Hold On To Your Butts: How Jurassic Park Can Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Storytelling. It’s truly a wonderful read, especially for those bright types who hope to grasp the formula for telling a tale, writing a screenplay, or entering the world of filmmaking.


In October, I have a tour scheduled for Spaceport America in Truth or Consequences, NM. I’m thrilled to take in any and everything they will let me see! I’m a huge fan of Richard Branson. I’ll report back.


Another report I’ll make certain to share with you is my projected November trip to McDonald Observatory in Ft. Davis, TX. The Observatory “Star Parties” have always intrigued me. I made an attempt to attend a party some years ago but the cloud cover didn’t allow sufficient “space” for us to see. 

I’m ready to try again because I LOVE SPACE!


Finally, I’m already looking forward to 2022. I plan to travel to Europe and the UK in late spring. The entire mission revolves around cycling and Motorsport. The key event for that trip will be the Isle of Man TT, held in June. This motorcycle race is dubbed “The Most Dangerous Race on Earth.” How can I resist?!

You know I have an inexhaustible list of interests, my sweet friends, but be assured that they all have one thing in common:



If you believe you know me, and you trust me to honor your path, or the path of someone special to you, I hope you’ll recommend me.

I’ve made coaching the business of my life, and I really am quite excellent at it.

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Invincibly Yours,