I want to share one of the most transformative realizations I have experienced on my journey through life and how it has helped lock me in place in terms of my power. Mind you, I have always had this power. In fact, everyone has access to this power. Some tap into it. Some don’t. Some tap in and just have a bit of trouble staying in. At one time in my life, that was me.

Not anymore.

This power I speak of is a personal essence that, if accessed purely, exists in only one place in the universe at any given time. With you. With me. It’s the place where resilience is born. It’s the place I love more than anything in the world to take people…to make them invincible.

Insofar as I comprehend our cosmos, no other entity or organism can occupy the same space at the same time as (the entirety) of you. And if you have ever felt an unmistakable surge of energy in that spot just above your navel; so concentrated, so warm and burgeoning, you thought sure you could move an actual mountain, you’ve felt your personal power. You can think of it in terms of your Solar Plexus, your gut, or perhaps part of your GI tract. You would be correct in any case. There are an infinite number of descriptions associated with this feeling, or at least as many descriptions as there are beings who feel it.

I am not here to ascribe meanings to your feelings of power. I will share with you that my feelings of power have, since the dawn of my awareness, all centered around elevating my consciousness, and thereby the consciousness of those around me. This is where I have found myself in some sticky situations…trying to elevate the consciousness of those around me, specifically, without actually getting their permission. I used to say suffering has always been my kryptonite. There have been countless circumstances in which I have found myself neck deep in “helping” someone through a rough patch only to conclude with a frustrated – well, ok, pissed off – friend or family member who never asked for that help.

If you want to meet a true-blue, unalloyed stubborn girl, just take a peek at the photo on my home page. It takes some serious G’s to pull me away from an endeavor on which I have missile lock. No joke. So you can imagine it took me years and a few tears before I experienced the moment of clarity I love and live with today.

First, I’ll try and explain why I felt so compelled to insinuate myself into the affairs of other people. It’s very simple in its complexity. You take one part shattered and reconstructed heart and mix it with one part ego-driven arrogance. This compound is known to me as altruistic discontent; a purely selfless desire to see another cease suffering, but with a compelling need to have this cessation occur much faster than would naturally occur if the person were to figure out the puzzle on their own. Enter – accelerated persuasion. There is little good that comes from accelerated persuasion except in actual life or death, fight or flight circumstances.

There were long years when I couldn’t quite figure out how I was able to pull some people through some of the gnarliest terrain of their life, but others I couldn’t help at all…no matter how hard I tried…no matter how much of my hard won wisdom I laid at their feet.

It was because in those latter cases I was not minding my own power.

Here is the dramatic wrap-up:

If you connect with your personal essence, the feeling you know as your power center, which only YOU know and no other knows, stay-there-and-you-will-reign. You will conquer every fear, climb every mountain, make every dollar, and experience every passion.

The moment you involve yourself in the affairs of another person or entity with the express intention of helping them transcend some challenge and yet they have not expressly sought your input, you have paid your coins of power to the riverman. They are lost. You’ve left your power zone and stepped into the power zone of another. Be ready for battle. It may be a silent scuffle or it may be a downright harrowing head-to-head. A headache you shall have though, whether it be between parent and child, friend and friend, sweetheart and sweetheart, colleague and colleague, on and on.

Assist by being a human example of balance and trust and you’ll be asked, if your help is needed. If not, fare thee well. EASY, right? Of course it is.

Quit tiring yourself out in the ring. Boxing isn’t in the fists – OR the feet. It’s in the head.

My days of wielding my power wild as the wind are over. If you need my help finding your personal power, your beautiful and blinding light, your unmatched invincibility – you will ask for it. And if you do, I will tap the bright and inexhaustible source of my own personal power, and I will uncover your INVINCIBILITY.

It’s EASY.