I answered the question with five words. “I want to be invincible.”

I had decided I wanted to hire a coach. A fitness coach. And I found a coach that embraced my ethos, entirely.

Believing the answer to everything is “consistency”
Real food
Fitness for life
Continuous self-improvement.

Jesse O’Brien, of Central Athlete in Austin, TX, asked me what my fitness goals were. That was the question.

My answer is where “invincible”, for me, was born.

I signed my name on a 2-year contract and in the very midst of affixing the spikes of my spidery signature on that line, I experienced the most profound shift. The shift that follows me into my third year with Jesse as my coach, and the shift that catapulted me into my own business.

And that shift is this:

I didn’t sign that contract to Jesse. I signed it to myself. I wouldn’t default on Jesse, but the feeling of knowing that I wouldn’t default on myself was something altogether new.

I pay Jesse because he’s an expert at designing my fitness. And I charge what I charge as The INVINCIBILITY Coach because I’m an expert at getting people in a better mood about their life.

I am INVINCIBLE because I believe I am.

And you?


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